Born and raised in Bombay, I’ve been privileged to have had a global career and have spent the better part of the last decade living and working in Singapore and Milan. As a result, I’ve grown open to new cultures and new life experiences, and I am comfortable working anywhere, with anyone.

In an earlier life, I dropped out of accounting to pursue a career in advertising. Over the course of next couple of years, I’d go on to serve the marketing function of several large organizations. But the early emphasis of learning commercial and accounting discipline meant I’m always attempting to build bridges between comms and commerce, business and brand.

Online and on-ground: two words diametrically apart but on the very same circle of life that encompasses everything I hold dear. The internet and online world powers my curiosity and provides me with the building blocks for my career while my on-ground experiences continue to teach and inspire, and make me into the person I am. Traveling has helped me challenge my confirmation bias, expand my worldview and given me new energy to draw on.

Some of my greatest adventures include driving across India on a tuk-tuk, hitch hiking through New Zealand, riding unsupported through desert towns remote Himalayan villages and meditating 10 hours a day for 11 days straight.

I’m a perpetual student of chess, a self-taught percussionist, practioner of Vipassana meditation and a polyglot in training. I am fluent in English, Hindi, Marathi, Sindhi and Google Translate. I know enough French to get me out (or into) trouble and I continue to learn German.

I also volunteer with Protsahan, a non-profit that believes in the power of art based education for at-risk communities in the slums of New Delhi.

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‘Anything is possible’