A marketing and innovation strategist with nearly a decade of experience strategic planning, over the course of which I have developed a few signature strengths in brand, product marketing, user research, and change management.

My skills are drawn from diverse fields of practice – brand strategy, design thinking, communications, user research, and business strategy. I offer a swiss army knife of skills that align brand and business, comms with culture and look at organisational shifts, policies, and market trends to layer onto a business plan.

I’m at my happiest when I’m resolving strategic challenges, influencing game-changing ideas, and helping businesses create value for the world and capture some of that for themselves.

I've been fortunate to have had opportunities to build and shape some of the brands that I respect – Google, YouTube, Siemens, Nikon, Netflix, and Singtel, to name a few.

I like to simplify and inspire; marry insight with prototypical thinking; and test out hypotheses – at every step of the process in developing a business idea, brand vision, product, service, or campaign.

While I am obsessive about fundamentals in strategy and framing of the unmet needs to inspire business decision making, I work by the virtue of ship and learn. I’m capable of building and working towards a long term vision but also dance in the chaos of now. I believe that marketing requires both, the articulation of purpose for the brand as it delivers on a clear value proposition that meets the needs of the user. 

Some of my projects include

Helping Google understand their audience.

Audience research, proposition development and positioning.

Creating strategic foundations, developing insights and customer journey maps to inspire product and marketing teams to stay on course and inspired. Developed the product proposition, positioning and go to market strategy for Google's next billion users product - YouTube Go.

Shaping Nikon’s brand for the 21st century.

Design thinking, value proposition and service design sprints.

Bringing empathy and lateral thinking to bear on design sprints, most notably for Nikon Global to inspire new innovations and services in imaging.

Building Siemens Asia’s employer brand from the ground up.

Employer branding and change management.

Built and deployed Siemens’ employer branding program for China and India to make Siemens the magnet that attracts the region’s brightest, most ambitious talent.

Reimaging a connected brand.

Brand strategy and experience design.

Developing brand narrative and strategies for start ups by describing their problem in a way that sparks a clear narrative and solutioning. Most notably, for iViva - a connected solutions company delivering transformative projects in APAC and Australia.

Drop me a line if you’d like to view my portfolio and specific work samples.

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